Logo and Brand Identity for Local Small Business

Meeting the Client

Mary's Greenhouse is a local greenhouse that sells flowers and plants. It is currently serving word-of-mouth customers only. The owner, Mary, did not want an online presence. She wanted a logo, business cards, and a brochure. Her business is slowly expanding into bridal showers, baby showers, and wedding events. The printed materials and branding will help her continue to expand. I started with sketching. After getting to know Mary and her customers, I understood that she wanted to convey a sense of welcome and comfort to potential customers. She is very approachable, and she is down to earth. Her pricing is focused on making sure all customers can afford her work.


Sketch 1

The first sketches led me towards a logo with a whimsical cursive font for "Mary's". I played with versions on a curve, and some flat. Ultimately, I felt the curve added more interest and was more humble.

Sketch 2


After bringing these onto my computer, and playing with custom font, I decided to look on Adobe Typekit for a playful cursive. I found a font that matched the bill, and converted that to shape to edit it.

Computer drawing

After more playing around, I moved to a more subtle font for 'GREENHOUSE' and also converted that to shape to elongate it.

Logo transformation


After feeling somewhat complete on the logo, I moved on to a palette. I knew that I wanted a red/pink/violet as a base color. I used Paletton to create a triad palette from a nice pink.



After palette came the patterns. I wanted to create 1-2 patterns for Mary's Greenhouse that I can use as backgrounds for web pages, or on the business card or brochure.

Pattern transformation Pattern transformation Pattern transformation


Next was choosing fonts. I had already chosen the main cursive. I chose a serif for the main font, and a sans serif for the body font. These fonts were playful enough while still being serious for copy. They compliment the cursive logo.


Supporting Images

During this process, I searched Pinterest and Unsplash for inspiration and free images. These images help define the brand, and will help provide a professional and polished print and online identity for Mary's Greenhouse. Here are my tips for searching stock photography, specifically for these types of logo and branding projects. I used Freepik for the quick vector flower images.