Hey! I'm Marni.

I am a JavaScript developer and designer!

Recent Projects

Recent Dev Projects Continued:

Design Projects:

Please contact me for a link to my private design portfolio.

Chat app designed in Adobe XD (click through!)

Code on GitHub

iOS App Design: Bike Duds

Helps bike riders choose what to wear based on the weather! I designed the palette, logo, and all graphics/layout in Sketch App.

iOS app

iOS App Design and Development: SocialApp (Instagram copy).

Implements Firebase Authorization, Database, and Storage.

Code on GitHub
Social App

iOS App Development: Weather

Implements Location Services, Alamofire for data parsing, and OpenWeather API.

Code on GitHub weather app

Pokedex App

Implements Alamofire to bring in PokeAPI data on each of the 718 Pokemon. Also allows for searching. Audio!

Code on GitHub Pokedex

Dream Lister

iOS Wish List App using Firebase Database.

Code on GitHub

iOS mp3 Player

mp3 Player: Allows user to play a song, or play a random song. Users can pause or stop a song, and see the progress of their song visually.

Code on GitHub
mp3 Player
iOS App Design and Development

Shows current weather in your location, including temperature, weather icon, and wind speed. Implements Open Weather API via Alamofire.

Code on GitHub
weather app